Robin Hood and Nottingham’s famous Left Lion feature in a new video produced by Nottingham City Council to encourage people to take up the offer of a Covid vaccine once they are eligible.

The video also includes Nottingham Forest legend John McGovern, celebrated local musical prodigy Sheku Kanneh-Mason and world-renowned Nottingham-based chef Sat Bains. These famous local faces appear alongside key workers and community leaders who all have the same message – please get the jab to protect yourselves and others.

The council has issued the video on its Twitter, Facebook and Instragram accounts which have a total of 167,000 followers. It follows a series of videos the council has taken in recent weeks in a bid to encourage take-up of the vaccine – especially among groups of people who may be more hesitant and vulnerable to the virus, such as members of the BAME community. Watch the new video featuring local celebrities here:

Overall, the vaccination programme has seen encouragingly high numbers of eligible people take it, but the City Council is doing what it can to help make sure no-one gets left behind.

City Council Leader Cllr David Mellen, who appears in the video, said: “I’m delighted that some of Nottingham’s celebrities have joined with us to help get the message out there loud and clear that people should take up the offer of a vaccination – the vaccine is safe, it’s easy and it offers the only protection from this deadly virus.

“Like most people, I am desperate to get back to normal and to be able to see loved ones without the risk of causing them harm. I also want to see schools and local business stay open and for the NHS to be able to focus on other health conditions that people need treating. The way all that’s going to happen is for as many people as possible to get vaccinated, and so that’s why we’re doing everything we can to get the message out there.”

The City Council’s Customer Hub has been helping to make follow-up calls with those who have been invited for a vaccination but have not yet made an appointment – as well as reassuring housebound citizens who are waiting for a roving vaccination. Over the last two weeks the team have worked seven days a week and made over 5,000 calls to our citizens, helping to ensure as many as possible of those eligible feel supported in having their vaccinations.

If you are in any of the eligible categories, there is no need to wait for the NHS invite letter – you can book using the Swiftqueue booking links.

Longer versions of the individual celebrity videos will be sent out over the coming days and weeks – keep an eye out for them at, and