Nottingham City Council Leader Cllr Jon Collins has praised council staff for keeping services running during the current severe weather.

The vast majority of services have continued as sub-zero temperatures and significant snowfall have hit the city this week. Some schools have closed and no day centres were open today (March 1), but most other services have been operating as normal – in large part thanks to highways officers who worked throughout Wednesday night to treat major roads across Nottingham as the city was hit with snow showers far heavier and more widespread than forecast.

Part of their work includes helping the police, NCT buses and other transport operators, as well as making sure neighbourhood grit bins are kept full, targeting icy pavements and shop fronts. Gritters have remained out for the rest of the day supporting the council’s essential services and officers will try their best to also deal with additional requests that come in, but main routes are being prioritised.

City Council Leader Councillor Jon Collins said: “We have managed to keep the vast majority of our services running despite the worst weather we’ve had in Nottingham for many years. This is thanks in large part to our highways teams working tirelessly to keep roads clear and transport operators keeping things moving.

“There are some services like day centres which have remained shut today for the safety of service users. Community Protection Officers worked with Framework throughout the night to help get any rough sleepers out of the cold and into accommodation. I was impressed with how many schools remained open on Wednesday but it’s hardly surprising that head teachers have had to close schools today – albeit some have remained open.

“I’m very grateful to all council staff who are continuing to provide services for local people and helping to keep the city moving.”

Council gritters will be out again tonight to keep the main routes clear, with the team monitoring the weather forecasts and gritting further if necessary.

More information on winter preparations being made by the Council, including general information for the public and live school closures, can be found at