Nottingham is aiming to be the first city in the UK to become carbon neutral by 2028 (CN28). The City Council is only responsible for approximately 3% of Nottingham’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, so a collective effort across the city is vital to help tackle the climate crisis. 

To support organisations in Nottingham to decarbonise, the City Council has organised a series of online webinars. The webinars will provide information on the local context of climate change and outline the steps organisations can take to reduce their own CO2 emissions. Specific support that’s available in Nottingham will also be signposted to, giving organisations opportunities to put what they learn into action. 

The series of five webinars will cover: 

  1. 28th February – What does Carbon Neutral Nottingham 2028 mean for the city’s organisations?: providing an overview of CN28 and outline how businesses can get involved. 
  1. 23rd March – Beginning your carbon reduction journey: offering guidance on how organisations can get started and connect with available support. 
  1. 8th May – Reducing carbon emissions in your buildings: introducing how organisations can approach reducing emissions associated with their buildings. 
  1. 26th May – Moving away from fossil fuels for travel and transport: explaining how organisations may reduce carbon when considering transport. 
  1. 28th June – Making your procurement sustainable: equipping organisations with the information they need to reduce carbon emissions in their procurement practices. 

In addition to City Council spokespeople, representatives from businesses in the city will share their experiences from their own carbon reduction journey. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to ask questions they have about what CN28 means for their organisation. 

These webinars will build on the ‘We Support CN28’ campaign that the City Council began in 2020 to assist organisation to make progress on their carbon reduction journeys.  

Councillor Sally Longford, Portfolio Holder for Energy, Environment and Waste, said: “The climate crisis impacts everyone in Nottingham, and it is really important that all organisations in the city support our ambitious target to be carbon neutral by 2028. The information surrounding reducing carbon emissions can be complex, especially for organisations that are just starting out on their journey to reduce their carbon footprint.  

“These webinars will give attendees meaningful information about getting involved and will explain the support that is on offer in Nottingham. I hope everyone will join me at the first webinar to find out more about what CN28 means for the city.” 

Find out more about the webinars and register for your spot now.