Nottingham City Council has opened applications for financial support for businesses affected by the tiered lockdown system and national lockdown.

The grants, launched by Government along with the tiered system of restrictions across the country, are designed to support businesses forced to close or which have seen an adverse impact as a result of the restrictions to minimise the spread of Covid-19.

There are four grants available for a variety of businesses in the Nottingham City boundary: for those businesses affected by national lockdown, tier 2 restrictions, tier 3 restrictions and discretionary grants. In order to simplify matters for local businesses, the City Council has developed a grant system which means Nottingham businesses will only need to make one application to cover all grants they are eligible for.

More information, including the application form for grants, can be found here.

Councillor Sam Webster, portfolio holder for Finance, Growth and the City Centre, said: “We’ve worked hard once again to produce our grant application process – our energies have gone into providing the simplest grant application possible so businesses do not have to do unnecessary paperwork to receive the grants needed to support them and to help keep our city’s economy going.

“We know this is a difficult time for local businesses and we have tried to keep them up to date as much as we can as we work through the process, with website updates and regular newsletters from our Nottingham Economic Recovery Unit and partners.

“I would recommend businesses sign up to this newsletter to keep up to date with our plans, not just on grants but for any future support Nottingham City Council will be offering to our local businesses as we emerge from a Covid environment.”

You can sign up to the Nottingham Economic Recovery Unit newsletter here.