A message from City Council Deputy Leader Cllr Sally Longford

Jobs including on the homecare frontline

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we are focused on looking after our most vulnerable citizens and supporting the care workers who work with them. We are encouraging people to apply for jobs in health and social care, as well as retail, logistics and driving. More homecare workers are urgently needed, doing vitally important jobs which will help reduce pressure on hospitals and NHS staff. If you know someone who would be suited to this, please encourage them to apply start your career in social care here. Many other jobs that are needed right now are available on our Nottingham Jobs site, or contact one of the team on 0115 876 4508 (9am to 5pm daily) or email jobs.hub@nottinghamjobs.com. Further info here

Beware false information

There are lots of ways to get information these days but people should beware of false information that’s being spread during this pandemic. The Government’s SHARE checklist gives the public five easy steps to follow to identify whether information may be misleading:

  • Source – make sure information comes from a trusted source
  • Headline – always read beyond the headline
  • Analyse – check the facts
  • Retouched – does the image or video look as though it has been doctored?
  • Error – look out for bad grammar and spelling

There’s further advice in the Government’s Don’t Feed The Beast campaign here.

Support from our Customer Hub

Don’t forget the council has set up a Customer Hub support service that connects self-isolating people to community support groups and neighbourhood volunteer teams. It means people who perhaps don’t have established support networks can get essentials like food and medicines delivered to them by volunteers, or a visit or phone call to check they’re OK. The Customer Hub on 0115 915 5555 will be open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday or you can visit www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/coronavirus.

And finally

As always take care and stay at home as much as you can, it is really making a difference.