Nottingham City Council is renewing its appeal for people to give a permanent home to children in care as part of National Adoption Week (15-21 October).

Around 80 children in Nottingham are waiting for adoptive families to provide a healthy, stable and nurturing home. In particular, Nottingham is looking for homes for older children and also brothers and sisters sibling groups.

The information service First4Adoption runs National Adoption Week to highlight the important role an adoptive parent plays in the life of a young person.

People over the age of 21 can adopt and, in particular, the council’s Adoption Team welcomes enquiries from:

  • Individuals and couples (married/divorced/living together/same sex/civil partnership)
  • People with or without children
  • Disabled people
  • Home owners or tenants
  • Working and unemployed people
  • Any religious faith or no faith
  • All racial and ethnic backgrounds

The assessment for people to become adoptive parents can now take as little as six months.

Cllr David Mellen, Portfolio Holder for Early Intervention and Early Years at the council, said: “Adopting a child is one of the best things a person can do for a young person in care. It ensures they have a loving, stable home with parents who will stick by them through good times and bad.

“Our adoption service has a great deal of experience in helping find parents for children. It is important to remember that this is not just about babies; children of all ages need adoption. Some are looking for homes they can share with brothers or sisters, and some have already had a difficult time in their short lives.

“I would like to encourage anyone who’s thinking about adoption to contact our friendly team at Nottingham City Council.”

You can find out more about adopting with Nottingham City Council by visiting or calling 0115 876 3335. For information on National Adoption Week, visit


Frequently asked questions about adoption:

Am I too Young or Old to Adopt?
If you are over 21 and can provide a permanent and caring home, you can legally adopt. There is no upper age limit.  The question we ask on age is – can you provide a stable home for a child into adulthood and beyond?

I have some Offences. Can I still Adopt?
This affects very few people. No one who has committed serious criminal offences, including crimes against children, or violent offences will be able to adopt.

Is Adoption only for Married Couples?
Definitely not. It does not matter whether you are married, in a partnership, single, separated, or in a same sex relationship. However, we do ask that any couples have lived together for at least two years and have a stable, caring relationship. In addition, couples must complete any infertility investigations and treatment before applying.

What are Health Checks?
We contact your GP and there is only a difficulty if our doctor thinks a condition could affect your ability to care for a child until independence.

Is Adoption only for Childless people?
Adoption is for people who have time and patience to commit to children.  Our children are of different ages and have such a variety of needs that some may be more suited to people who have already experienced parenthood.  For all adopters we look at how they may gain some experience and knowledge of children to equip them for parenthood.

I have no Religion. Can I still Adopt?
We welcome people from any religious faith, or none.  We try to place children in families that reflect their religious backgrounds and welcome adopters of all religious backgrounds.

I am Unemployed. Will this affect my Application?
It does not matter that you are not working. We are looking for people who can offer a caring family.  We do ask about family finances, but this also applies to applicants in work.

Do you need Black Adopters?
There are children from many different backgrounds waiting for adoption. As long as you meet the child’s needs and can positively promote their identity you can adopt children of any ethnicity.

I have a Disability. Does this Matter?
We will ask you how your particular disability affects your parenting, but most people can adopt.  We welcome the different life experiences that you can offer.

What about Weight?

All applicants must have a medical examination as part of their assessment. There is only a problem if you are dangerously overweight and this poses a threat to your health.

I am not a British Citizen. Will this Affect my Application?
You need to having been living in the British Isles for at least a year to apply for an adoption order.