Nottingham Central Library is delighted to announce the ‘Speak Her Name’ exhibition, an inspiring art display featuring intricate embroidery hoops created by participants guided by artists Rachel Carter, Anisha Parmar, and Ismail Khokon. These artworks delve into the global cotton story, the Swadeshi movement in South Asia, and highlight the resistance, suffering, and successes of women who have profoundly shaped our shared histories.

Photo by Lamar Francois & Standing In This Place

Through a series of 300 detailed embroidery hoops, ‘Speak Her Name’ pays homage to historic women whose strength, resilience, and influence have left an enduring mark on society. This community-led exhibition is part of the broader ‘Standing In This Place’ project, which includes the installation of a sculpture in the new Broad Marsh public park later this year that gives representation and recognition to the under-represented contributions of thousands of unnamed women who were the driving forces behind the East Midlands cotton textile industry during Industrialisation.

From July to November 2024, the exhibition space on Floor 1 of Nottingham Central Library will host these thought-provoking pieces, inviting visitors of all ages to explore and reflect.

“We invite the community to join us in experiencing these compelling artworks,” added Councillor Sam Lux – Executive Member for Carbon Reduction, Leisure and Culture. “The sculpture by Rachel Carter and the Legacy Makers, alongside the exhibition in collaboration with artists Anisha Parmar, Ismail Khokon, and Rachel will offer a profound perspective on the enduring legacies of these remarkable women. We are delighted to house these works in Nottingham’s Central Library. “

To learn more about the ‘Speak Her Name’ exhibition and the Standing In This Place sculpture, please visit our website at