Ambitious for Nottingham people

Our plan for 2019 – 2023

At the start of a new decade, we’re ambitious for the people of Nottingham. Read on to see our vision for our city by the end of 2023.

We’re ambitious for Nottingham people. We want the best for everyone: our hard working families, our schools and students, our shops and businesses.

Nottingham is a great city to live, work, learn and play. But there’s no escaping the fact that the austerity of the last few years has not been easy for any of us…

It would be easy to become downbeat and disheartened. But that’s not the Nottingham spirit.

As we go into the new decade, we need to be positive for the future… a better future with a brighter vision for 2020.

We’ve listened

The city council spends a lot of time listening. We’ve listened to what you value and what you want to see improved.

We’ve listened, we’ve understood and we’ve set out ambitious pledges in our new Council Plan – a vision that takes us into a new decade.

Plus, we will:

Deliver an annual kerbside collection of unwanted bulky items for every resident, in addition to free bulky waste collections by appointment

Fill 50,000 potholes, replace 250 pavements and resurface 100 roads citywide

Provide a free book every month from birth to 5 years for 10,000 Nottingham children

Create a dedicated noise nuisance hotline and respond to complaints of noisy neighbours within 48 hours

Become the first carbon neutral city in the country, reaching this target by 2028

Provide settled homes as emergency accommodation for homeless people instead of Bed & Breakfast, and introduce a ‘no first night out’ policy to ensure no one need sleep rough in Nottingham

Set up a Council-owned company to deliver care services in Nottingham, with a well-trained and paid workforce, to improve the quality of care

Work with at least 500 young people each year at risk of becoming involved in gangs and knife crime, or at risk of exploitation

Complete the development of, and reopen Nottingham Castle as a major national heritage attraction

Ensure the development of 4000 new homes, including our commitment to 1000 social homes, together with aspirational eco-homes and low-cost homes to rent or buy

Complete the transformation of the south side of the city centre, including the college, library and Broadmarsh car park, bus station and shopping centre

Deliver an integrated benefit, housing aid, Futures and DWP service under one roof at Nottingham City Council’s head office

Reduce permanent exclusions by 50%, and campaign against permanent exclusions and ‘off -rolling’ to make sure every Nottingham child is in school

Create a wholly owned, not-for-profit company to provide debt recovery and bailiff services to the Council

Improve air quality in Nottingham by cutting nitrogen dioxide and particulate pollution by 20%

Reduce the number of empty shops from 15% to below 10% and return Nottingham to the top 6 retail rankings outside of London

Work with 5000 people to help them become physically active and improve their health

Increase the number of Nottingham residents with level 2 qualifications to within 3% of the national average

Ensure that all Nottingham children attend a school judged good or outstanding by OFSTED

Support 1000 more Nottingham young people into university and work with businesses to create 500 new apprenticeships

Together we can achieve

We all want a brighter future. A better tomorrow. For you… for your children… for your community.. Together we can achieve our ambitions for Nottingham people.

Download the 2019 – 2023 Nottingham City Council plan